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What I Do

Synergy Online Tutoring & Academic Coaching provides elite one-on-one academic coaching and online tutoring in math and physics to qualified students. I specialize in working with exceptional students of all ages who want to excel in life as well as school. The work I do includes the following:

  • I help public, private, homeschooled, or college students master any math or physics curriculum from middle school to undergraduate level.
  • I help students in middle school through college accelerate their learning and improve their grades by providing personalized assistance for studying and completing assignments.
  • I help gifted students achieve their full academic potential.
  • I help high school and college students who are interested in pursuing careers in math, science, or engineering to make the most of their educational opportunities and lay the foundations for a rewarding career.
  • I help struggling students, including those diagnosed with learning disabilities and adults who have been out of school for an extended period of time, learn to use their strengths and regain their confidence in their ability to master any subject.
  • I help students get accepted to prestigious universities and graduate programs and receive valuable scholarships by mentoring them through the application process and showing them how to max out their scores on standardized exams such as the SAT, ACT, and GRE.
  • I help independent learners of all stripes chart a course through any math or physics topic of their choosing.


  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • ACT/SAT test prep
  • GRE test prep

Why I Am The Best At What I Do

In my role as an online tutor and academic coach specializing in math and physics, I provide students with the vision as well as the tools to get the most out of their education. As a professional private tutor with over 10 years of tutoring experience, I provide my students with the individual attention they need, and teach them the secret tricks that real mathematicians use to make complex problems seem simple (that they won’t teach you in school). Here are five reasons why I stand behind my claim to provide the BEST online tutoring and academic coaching services you will find anywhere:


I made a 32 on the ACT, received a full scholarship to a private liberal arts college, and graduated with distinction with a double major in math and physics. I went on to complete three and a half years of graduate work in both subjects before moving on to pursue other interests, including writing, tai chi, entrepreneurship, and travel. I have the kind of understanding of math and how it applies to the real world that can only come from love and passion, and I have the heart-to-heart communication skills that can only come from a wide diversity of life experiences.


I have over 12 years of private tutoring experience and over four years of classroom teaching experience, and I have never forgotten what it is like to have a beginner’s mind. I’ve helped students with all kinds of needs taking all kinds of classes overcome all kinds of challenges. Whatever your situation, I can provide the kind of help you need.


Through my teaching and tutoring experience I have come to believe that understanding math is an innate ability that all people have. When it comes to learning math, however, presentation and environment make a huge difference. I have met many students who struggled to understand concepts in class, but I have never met a student who could not learn effectively given one-on-one communication in an environment free of guilt, shame, and blame.


If you have ever felt stupid in math class, either by listening to the same explanation ten times in a row without understanding a word of it, or by repeatedly being told that you are getting the “wrong” answer, without having a clue how to find the “right” one, then my teaching methodology will be like a breath of fresh air. I use the Socratic method of asking questions to lead students to the right answer, guiding them to solve problems under the power of their own reasoning. This is the best method I have found for building both confidence and actual mathematical reasoning skills.


No matter how good a tutor is at the subject or at teaching, it’s hard to learn from someone unless you genuinely like them. One of my favorite things about tutoring is getting to know my students as friends, learning about their hopes and dreams, and making them laugh. My students are always pleased with the results they get, but what makes them truly happy with my service is my warm and likable personality. I take a genuine, heartfelt interest in the success of my students and it shows in many ways.

Don’t take my word for it, though, instead see the results my clients have gotten:


“Dane truly helped me with my Trig/Pre-Calc class last year. My actual teacher was so confusing to me however Dane was clear and helped me find ways to remember certain things. Choose Dane, you won’t regret it.” — Crystal, high school junior, Long Beach


“To anyone looking for a tutor I highly recommend Dane. His methods of teaching are very clear and easy to understand. With his help I was able to raise my grade in honors pre-calculus from an F to a B. Having him as a tutor will most definitely benefit you.” — Empress, high school junior, San Diego


“Dane saved my life in Calculus II! After previously taking the class and failing, my confidence was really low in math, however Dane was always so patient with teaching me and always had a lot of availability to work with my busy schedule. He was so kind and smart and worked at my pace without making me feel dumb or that he was just trying to make a quick check. His understanding, intelligence, and witty ways of making his student actually LEARN the material is unique to his tutoring method and will definitely be an asset to any student looking for some extra help!” — Tara, SDSU junior

“I recently had a tutorial session with Dane because I was having difficulty grasping the concepts of multivariate calculus. Dane provided visual examples and scenarios from physics that helped me greatly comprehend the meaning behind the theorems. All in all, Dane knows his material and at the end of the day, you will feel content that you actually learned something” — Efrain, UCLA sophomore


“Dane is an outstanding tutor. When I got to college about 3 years ago, it was hard to adjust to the workload from high school. I was struggling in math and physics my freshman year and a friend of mine referred me to Dane. He not only saved my grades in both courses, but explained the material in a way that has stuck with me ever since. Now, I am nearly all the way complete with my degree in aerospace engineering. Although Dane is no longer my tutor, I still use the tips and tricks he introduced to me to when he was my tutor. I highly recommend Dane to anybody who needs help with math or physics. He will teach you everything you need to know and make you an expert on the subject.” — Michael, SDSU senior

Parents Love Me:

“Since 2010, Dane has successfully tutored my high school and college age children in Math and Physics. My son and my daughter process information differently. What makes Dane such an exceptional tutor is his ability to tutor to their strengths. My kids leave every session confident and prepared.” — Marika, San Diego

“My son needed immediate help with his AP Physics homework and Dane was able to help him right away. I highly recommend Dane and his innovative teaching approach.” — Linda, San Diego

“I hired Dane to tutor my daughter in Pre-Calculus and he did a tremendous job. It boosted her confidence and she passed. Additionally, she’s very fond of Dane. He has a gentle and kind spirit that makes learning enjoyable. Thank you so much!!” — Aisha, San Diego

So Do Adults:

“I used Dane for a college level Trigonometry course that was all online. I had been out of school for 13 years and didn’t remember a lot of the baseline math skills… I also work full time and was not able to re learn the math basics before taking this course. Dane was extremely flexible with his schedule and ensured that all the material was covered completely before each quiz or exam. I finished the course with a B+ and am extremely grateful to Dane for his help with this course. I would recommend Dane to anyone that needs a tutor in the fields that he advertises as being proficient in.” — Todd, Navy SEAL

Who I Can Help

Can you relate to any of the following statements? If so I may be able to help:

  • You have an intense passion for math or physics and don’t feel like the education you are receiving is satisfying your interest.
  • You feel like you learn differently than other students, and the way things are presented in class just doesn’t work for you.
  • You struggle to follow the teacher in class, but find it easy to understand math when someone sits down with you and explains it directly to you.
  • You have failed math classes before and your confidence is shot, but you are determined to pass no matter what.
  • You are an adult trying to advance your education and/or career, but have been out of school for so long that you feel totally lost when it comes to learning math again.

My usual clients are the following types of students:

  • Gifted and exceptional students of middle school age and above who want to excel in life as well as school
  • Homeschooled and unschooled students with a passion for math or physical science
  • High school and college students interested in pursuing STEM careers
  • Struggling students who are determined to discover their strengths and overcome learning challenges, including those who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities
  • Adults who are looking to advance their careers through further education
  • Independent learners of any age who are studying math or physics out of sheer love

Who My Service Is Not For

Even though I stand behind my claim of providing the BEST online tutoring and academic coaching service available, I know that I’m not right for everyone. Please don’t contact me if:

  • You are just looking for the cheapest tutor possible for a quick session and are shopping based on price. Though my prices are quite reasonable, my main selling point is quality. (If you are extremely price-sensitive due to budgetary restrictions, you may still be able to get help through Learn To Be, a nonprofit organization that provides tutoring on a volunteer basis.)
  • You just want to pass the class and don’t care about earning the highest grade possible or are not interested in actually learning the material. I guarantee excellent results, but I expect all of my students to be positively motivated and put forth their best effort.
  • You are not able and willing to set a regular tutoring schedule and stick with it. I preach the philosophy of playing keep up rather than catch up, and prefer to work with responsible students who take a dedicated and proactive approach to academic and life achievement.

Have I said enough yet? By now you should have a pretty good idea whether or not my service is right for you. I provide dedicated, elite quality online tutoring and academic coaching services for only a handful of new students each month. This ensures that I can provide my full attention and do my best work for each one of my students. If you know the value of great tutoring, and are ready to invest in your own or your child’s potential and begin to see profound results right away, submit a New Student Application Form today so we can start a conversation!