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How to Maximize your Education, Part 6 of 6

This series of posts looks at six vital principles for getting the most value out of your education, regardless of how you go about pursuing it.

Principle # 6: Participate in the flow of information: continually practice communication.

I’ll say it again: learning is not a solitary activity.  Knowledge can be gained in two ways, through experience and through communication.  Experience is magnified when it is shared, and communication can only take place when there are at least two of us involved.  Knowledge is proportional to the ability to communicate, and communication is one of the best ways to develop knowledge.

Learning from a book is communication between you and the author.  Writing is communication between you and your reader.  To learn actively, continually communicate what you are learning by directly teaching others or by simply sharing it with the world.  Write about what you are learning, talk about it, make art or music about it, start a youtube channel or a blog about it.

Study groups with classmates or other independent learners are a great way to practice communication.  Engage each other in the learning process through conversation and presentation, and help fill in the gaps in each other’s comprehension.

Think of it this way: anything you learn is not yours to keep, it is yours to pass on.  The more you help others by sharing your knowledge, the more you will be rewarded by your education.


Dane Dormio is an online tutor and academic coach who specializes in helping all types of students achieve life and academic success, especially homeschooled students and those preparing for STEM careers. More information and resources can be found on his website at

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