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Why You Should be Proactive About Hiring a Tutor

Just like there are steps you can take to preserve your health and prevent physical illness, such as taking vitamins, there are steps you can take to proactively ensure your or your child’s academic success, like hiring a tutor.

The worst time to hire a tutor (though still better than not hiring one at all) is when there is already a problem, academically.  By the time there is a problem, the student usually has a lot of catching up to do in terms of understanding the material, and the student’s GPA may already have been negatively affected.

It is much easier to play keep up than to play catch up.  At the beginning of the semester or the school year is the time to consider the classes you are going to be taking and decide if any of them are likely to be made substantially easier for you by having a tutor.  Also consider how important it is for you to ensure that you understand the material well and are able to retain it long term.  Working with a tutor not only saves time and effort, it also helps any student learn better.


Dane Dormio is an online tutor and academic coach who specializes in helping all types of students achieve life and academic success, especially homeschooled students and those preparing for STEM careers. More information and resources can be found on his website at

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