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Can Dyslexia Be Cured?

Learning Pathways is a Colorado-based educational intervention service that specializes in curing dyslexia. Their approach uses multi-sensory exercises based on the most modern research into neuroplasticity to develop fundamental cognitive abilities. While it was long thought that brain cells cannot be replaced, we now know that not only are neurons capable of forming new connections, new neurons can actually be created in the brain. This makes the concept of so-called learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD as being “hardwired” into the brain obsolete, and Learning Pathways’ success record of curing dyslexia proves it.

I have long observed that whenever we believe something is unchangeable, such as being “hardwired” or due to an innate “chemical imbalance”, we stop looking for answers. Instead of continuing to look for ways to solve the problem, we settle for finding ways to manage it. This obviously prevents us from finding whatever solutions might exist. In my opinion it is better to look for a solution when none exists than to give up on finding a solution when one does exist. That’s why I admire the customized, evidence-based approach Learning Pathways takes to helping students transform their conceptions of what is possible for them.


Dane Dormio is an online tutor and academic coach who specializes in helping all types of students achieve life and academic success, especially homeschooled students and those preparing for STEM careers. More information and resources can be found on his website at

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