Synergy Tutoring is a caring, holistic online tutoring and academic coaching service offering elite online tutoring in math and physics  and academic coaching services for exceptional students at all levels of study.  I specialize in working with students of all ages who want to excel in life as well as school, including those who are homeschooled, unschooled or pursuing independent education.  I can help public, private, or homeschooled students master any math or physics curriculum from middle school to undergraduate level, and I can help independent learners chart a course through any math or physics topic of their choosing.  I also work with students taking AP and IB classes, students preparing for standardized exams like the ACT, SAT, and GRE, and adult learners.

Motto: Providing a Customized Learning Experience

Each individual learns differently, and as a private tutor I am able to provide one-on-one attention and tailor my approach to the individual student – not by trying to fit students into pre-defined categories, but by caring, listening, and paying attention to what works well and what doesn’t for each individual.

Beyond just completing homework assignments and getting caught up with class, I offer a comprehensive learning-enhancement experience, including goal setting, study skills, productivity and time management, and reinforcing everyday learning habits. Because the value of education is not in the content alone but also in learning how to learn and kindling a lifelong passion for engaging with ideas, I focus on the “why” of education as much as on the “how”.

“The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW.” — Jim Rohn

By tutoring to meet the needs of the whole person, I make the learning process as effective, stress-free, and rewarding as possible.

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