About the Founder

Synergy Tutoring is the brainchild of Dane Dormio, and is the culmination of over 12 years (so far) of being an educator and over 25 years (so far) of being a student.

Background: a nerd to the core and self-confessed “chronic user” of educational materials, Dane Dormio experienced the usual forms of social alienation and educational frustration associated with being one of the “smart kids” from a young age. After miraculously managing to survive elementary through middle school with minimal brain damage, he began to truly pursue his passion for learning at a residential math and science magnet school, where he finally began to feel like he fit in (sort of). After graduating from high school he earned a full scholarship to a small private liberal arts college, where he got his fix for math and physics by tutoring other students, presenting his work at undergraduate research conferences, and solving math problems with groups of friends late into the night, ultimately graduating with distinction with a BA in math and physics.

After three and a half years of graduate work and teaching at the university level, he got off the academic escalator when he realized he was just getting classes full of students who had no sense of direction in life. Realizing that he could have more impact as an independent tutor and academic coach, he left academia behind to pursue his dreams full time. Now, as a tutor, blogger, and academic coach, he gets to prove to students everywhere that they are “smart kids” too.

Dane also has extensive experience as a student and teacher of martial arts (tai chi being his favorite). Go ahead and ask him about it sometime, but be prepared to have your ears talked off.

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