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Synergy Tutoring offers elite online math and physics tutoring and academic coaching. I specialize in working with passionate students of all ages who want to excel in life as well as school.  I can help public, private, or home schooled students master any math or physics curriculum from middle school to undergraduate level, and I can help independent learners chart a course through any math or physics topic of their choosing. I have a lifelong passion for learning as well as over ten years of classroom and one-on-one tutoring experience to draw on to make the learning process rewarding, stress free, and efficient.

Subjects: MathPhysics

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Online Tutoring FAQ

Q: How does online tutoring work?

A: Online tutoring is to in-person tutoring what teleconferencing is to meetings. It works just like in-person tutoring, except that tutor and student communicate by computer instead of sitting face-to-face. Voice chat is required, video chat is optional, and depending on the needs of the student and the session, photo scanning, file sharing, a virtual whiteboard, and screen sharing may be used. For most purposes, simple voice chat and a shared virtual whiteboard for text and hand-drawn pictures are sufficient (this simulates sitting down side-by-side with the tutor and writing on the same piece of paper).

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Q: What hardware and software is required for online tutoring?

A: The minimum requirement is a computer with a reliable high-speed Internet connection and a microphone. A webcam is recommended but optional.  If you have worksheets or assignments to share with the tutor, a scanner, digital camera, or smartphone that can take pictures is useful.  The software used for most tutoring sessions is Skype, which is free.

Q: Are there any special advantages to online tutoring?

A: Yes, there are several:

  • The student has all of the comforts of home, without having the tutor come over. Meeting places and commute time are not an issue.
  • Flexibility of location and scheduling. Online tutoring can be available wherever the student is located and whenever it is needed, without being limited to the availability of a local tutor.
  • All work can be saved for future reference. Session transcripts can even be printed out and stored in a notebook. This helps the student focus on the session, without the distraction of taking notes or worrying about what to write down.
  • Many students, particularly teens and preteens, spend a lot of time online already, so online tutoring is a great way to make the learning experience interactive and stimulating for the “Internet generation”. Kids especially tend to look forward to tutoring sessions more when they take place in a computerized environment, giving them an engaging alternative to the in-school learning environment.

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Q: Why should I hire a math or physics tutor for my public schooled or home schooled child?

A: Math and physics are subjects that many non-specialists have difficulty articulating or explaining well, or even understanding.  If you have ever struggled to help your child with his or her math homework, then you know this all too well!  For exceptionally talented or passionate students in particular, a specialist in these subjects can lead them to places where you as a parent would never be able to take them, if they are willing to go.

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