I confess: I have a habit. A habit of learning every day. I’ll admit it, I just don’t feel alive if I go a whole day without studying up. From books, from videos, from websites, from audio programs, I’ll take my learning from anywhere I can get it, and I always keep a steady supply of educational paraphernalia on hand. I can’t even leave home without taking a book with me, just in case I start to feel the need. But it’s not enough for me to keep my habit to myself; I like to push it on others too. Hence, here are links to some of my favorite suppliers, including books that challenge and broaden the mind, inspiring videos and documentaries, learning tools appropriate to all levels and types of education, even access to free university courses online. You can expect this page to grow over time as I continue to blaze a trail through the universe of independent learning.
This page serves as a bibliography of sorts for my blog; as I continue to discover and blog about more resources, they will show up here.