Adult Learners

As an adult, possibly having been out of school for quite a while, you have the advantage of discipline, focus, and the ability to handle responsibility, but chances are you also have a large load of responsibilities to handle already.  I can help you make the most of your investment in continuing education by minimizing the time and effort you spend studying while maximizing the results you get.

“I used Dane for a college level Trigonometry course that was all online. I had been out of school for 13 years and didn’t remember a lot of the baseline math skills needed in order to work through some of the mathematical equations and computations needed in order to be successful in the course. I also work full time and was not able to re learn the math basics before taking this course. Dane was extremely flexible with his schedule and ensured that all the material was covered completely before each quiz or exam. I finished the course with a B+ and am extremely grateful to Dane for his help with this course. I would recommend Dane to anyone that needs a tutor in the fields that he advertises as being proficient in.”

— Todd S., Navy SEAL