AP Exams

Academically, AP classes serve three purposes:

1) They provide earlier introduction to more advanced concepts, allowing for more better comprehension of the college curriculum, and thus better career preparation.

2) They provide a GPA boost, by having a grade point score one point higher than regular classes.

3) They allow students to take the AP exams, which substitute for college credit and allow students to advance through the college curriculum more rapidly, resulting in an overall economization of time and money.

Therefore, a focused effort on AP classes pays off in at least three ways, all of which compound to contribute to the success of the college and scholarship selection process and beyond.  Not all students who take AP classes take the AP exams, and in fact many AP classes do not provide adequate preparation for taking the exam*.  Therefore, for students who want to maximize their competitive advantage as well as the value of their high school and college education, it makes sense to work with a coach who can make sure they are fully prepared to meet the challenge of taking the AP exam head on and lay the foundation for continuing accelerated success.

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