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ADHD and Independent Education

Today I read a thought-provoking post on a blog called The Innovative Educator that offers resources from doctors, educators, and parents to manage ADHD symptoms without drugs.  The author promotes the idea that ADHD is largely an environmental problem, and that rather than medicating kids to make them fit into their environment, we should modify the environment to effectively meet the needs of kids without the need for them to be medicated.

For me, the point is not whether or not you think drugs have a place in improving cognition, the point is whether the alternatives are being fully acknowledged.  Before asking whether a child has any innate cognitive chemical deficiencies, we should be asking whether the environment we are trying to fit them into is the right one for them, and what alternatives may be available.  When education is independent and self directed, the possible need for medication can be addressed in the appropriate context.  The discussion following the post is as thought-provoking as the post itself, and provides a closer look at some individual circumstances.

To read the post I’m talking about, go here: The Innovative Educator: Cure ADHD without Drugs with These Resources from Doctors, Educators, and Parents