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The Role Of A Tutor

One role of a tutor is as a tour guide. A tour guide travels the same comfortable route over and over, pointing out the main attractions. An experienced tour guide knows exactly what to expect each step of the way, and is very familiar with all the sights.

The role I prefer to play, however, is that of a safari guide. Safari guides lead explorers into new territory. They know how to get where they are going, and have the skills to lead, but they don’t know exactly what to expect. Each trip is different, and they never know what they might discover. Also, a safari guide isn’t just looking to go somewhere and see the sights. A safari guide goes out each time expecting to have an adventure and bring home a prize.


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Using Statistics To Plan Your Life

…is great, if you want to be a statistic.

If you choose to go this route, then you get to follow the rules, play the odds, take your chances, and get what you get. But recognize that it is a choice.

The fact is though, you are unique in all of time and space. You aren’t a statistic.

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M.I.T. Releases Next Generation of Free Education

M.I.T pioneered the broadcasting of classroom lectures online with OpenCourseWare (OCW), and now they’re pushing the evolution of free education one step further with M.I.T.x, scheduled for release in spring of this year.  What sets M.I.T.x apart from OCW and Academic Earth, which make video lectures available online, is that it will provide a more interactive experience.  Rather than just watching videos, M.I.T.x users will have access to online laboratories and self assessments, along with the opportunity to engage in discussion with each other.  M.I.T.x will also offer certificates of completion for those who successfully complete the online course materials.

Check out this Forbes article on M.I.T.x for more details:

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What Homeschooling Is and Isn’t

Homeschooling is many things, but the most important thing about it is that it is a decision any family can make.

Given that your child’s education is one of the most important decisions you will make, homeschooling shouldn’t be written off as unworkable without at least being given fair and realistic consideration, taking everyone’s needs into account.  Many parents would love to be involved in their children’s education, and if this describes you, then what factors in your own life are holding you back from making this investment in your parenting relationship?

Even parents who don’t want to be directly involved in their children’s education probably would like to give their children as much freedom as possible in life, and there’s no reason this freedom shouldn’t include the ability to pursue an independent education.  Given a choice, young people will voluntarily learn the things they need to know to realize their vision in the world.

Homeschooling is most certainly not, however, a duplication of the classroom inside the home, with kids sitting at desks and mom or dad playing teacher until the bell rings.  Home schooling does not have to be (and probably shouldn’t be) confined to the home, but is more accurately schooling that takes place everywhere outside the classroom (which is a big place, with lots of options).

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Your Child’s Education: The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make

Most parents, I’m guessing, would agree with the title of this post.  But what are the reasons this decision is so important?  There are many that are conceivable, but in my opinion there is one that is primary.


The decision about how to handle your children’s education is one of the most important influences you will ever have on their opportunities for happiness.  It ranks right up there with how to handle a divorce or whether or not to circumcise.  If you want to maximize your children’s opportunities for happiness, this is something that deserves a lot of attention.

For a long time the almost universal choice has been to send your kids to the local school and be done with it, and this choice is still popular today.  But as the Digital Renaissance picks up speed, the quality and diversity of the educational options available continues to multiply and expand.  More and more families continually create varied and individual alternatives to traditional schooling by taking advantage of the free availability of information and the benefits of collaboration.

Tomorrow: an examination of what homeschooling really means.

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Are Homeschooled Students “Sheltered and Isolated”? Busting Homeschooling Myths, Part 1 of 3

Many people may not realize it, but homeschooling and independent education are the future.  I’m doing my part to usher in the new, enlightened era by sharing, over the next few days, three excellent articles that dispel the most common myths about homeschooling.  Today’s article from Technorati addresses the myth that homeschooled children are “unsociable” and turns it on its head!

3 Homeschooling Myths, Busted..