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Six Unique Benefits of Online Tutoring, Part 3

Tutoring used to be perceived as being sort of like psychotherapy – a remedy for a defect, only needed if there was a problem.  More and more, though, as the weaknesses of traditional education become more clear and the public school system becomes more financially burdened, tutoring, particularly online tutoring, is coming to be seen as something that can supplement any student’s education and even help exceptional students to excel. This series of posts is about some of the unique ways that online tutoring can benefit any student.

Benefit # 3: Self Esteem

The bell curve is bogus.  Education is an individual experience.  The more any teaching has to be standardized, the more it has to be watered down, and the less effective it is for any individual.

Since a teacher has to present material to a whole class of students at once and doesn’t have time to tailor presentation methods to individual students, invariably with any concept presented in the classroom there are some students who “get it” and some who don’t. This tends to make the students who get it feel “smart” and the ones who don’t get it feel “dumb”. The limitations of the teacher’s methods tend to be internalized by the students who don’t “get it”, who come to accept them as limitations of their own learning ability. In reality, if the material was presented in a different way, the “dumb” kids would get it and the “smart” kids wouldn’t! By paying attention to students’ individual learning cues and presenting concepts in a way that is natural for individual students to understand, a good tutor is able to permanently boost any student’s self esteem and learning ability, not by telling them that they are “smart” but by proving it.