23 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. To anyone looking for a tutor I highly recommend Dane. His methods of teaching are very clear and easy to understand. With his help I was able to raise my grade in honors pre-calculus from an F to a B. Having him as a tutor will most definitely benefit you.

  2. Since 2010, Dane has successfully tutored my high school and college age children in Math and Physics. My son and my daughter process information differently. What makes Dane such an exceptional tutor is his ability to tutor to their strengths. My kids leave every session confident and prepared.

  3. Dane is a great tutor who helps you learn how to approach problems in a unique way that will work for you. He challenges me and my brain always feels refreshed after a session with him.

  4. My son needed immediate help with his AP Physics homework and Dane was able to help him right away. I highly recommend Dane and his innovative teaching approach

  5. I used Dane for a college level Trigonometry course that was all online. I had been out of school for 13 years and didn’t remember a lot of the baseline math skills needed in order to work through some of the mathematical equations and computations needed in order to be successful in the course. I also work full time and was not able to re learn the math basics before taking this course. Dane was extremely flexible with his schedule and ensured that all the material was covered completely before each quiz or exam. I finished the course with a B+ and am extremely grateful to Dane for his help with this course. I would recommend Dane to anyone that needs a tutor in the fields that he advertises as being proficient in.

  6. As everyone has stated, Dane is an outstanding tutor. When I got to college about 3 years ago, it was hard to adjust to the workload from high school. I was struggling in math and physics my freshman year and a friend of mine referred me to Dane. He not only saved my grades in both courses, but explained the material in a way that has stuck with me ever since. Now, I am nearly all the way complete with my degree in aerospace engineering. Although Dane is no longer my tutor, I still use the tips and tricks he introduced to me to when he was my tutor. I highly recommend Dane to anybody who needs help with math or physics. He will teach you everything you need to know and make you an expert on the subject.

  7. You probably think that all these comments are too good to be true right? Well they are true. Dane truly helped me with my Trig/Pre-Calc class last year. My actual teacher was so confusing to me however Dane was clear and helped me find ways to remember certain things. Choose Dane, you won’t regret it.

  8. I hired Dane to tutor my daughter in Pre-Calculus and he did a tremendous job. It boosted her confidence and she passed.

    Additionally, she’s very fond of Dane. He has a gentle and kind spirit that makes learning enjoyable.

    Thank you so much!!

  9. Dane saved my life in Calculus II! After previously taking the class and failing, my confidence was really low in math, however Dane was always so patient with teaching me and always had a lot of availability to work with my busy schedule. He was so kind and smart and worked at my pace without making me feel dumb or that he was just trying to make a quick check.

    His understanding, intelligence, and witty ways of making his student actually LEARN the material is unique to his tutoring method and will definitely be an asset to any student looking for some extra help!

  10. Upon first impression, one witnesses’s Dane’s chill and relaxed demeanor. The way he approaches his tutoring sessions is enough to leave you awe inspired and enlightened. I recently had a tutorial session with Dane because I was having difficulty grasping the concepts of multivariate calculus. Dane provided visual examples and scenarios from physics that helped me greatly comprehend the meaning behind the theorems. All in all, Dane knows his material and at the end of the day, you will feel content that you actually learned something, in addition to learning from his spiritual words of wisdom.

  11. I do research with some of the leading scientists in the world, including at Harvard University. Dane specifically tutored me in GRE prep math, both in person and over Skype. Both modes of tutoring were excellent. I came to him having forgot almost everything I knew about math, but in a few months only he gave me the necessary skills to master the subject matter. Dane is indeed a great tutor: he has great interpersonal skills and patience in conveying the necessary knowledge. I do not hesitate recommending him for tutoring lessons, you will not regret it.

  12. Dane helped me in my high school pre-calculus class. In the 5 or 6 sessions we had he helped stop me from getting D’s and C’s on my tests to getting A’s and B’s. He’s great at finding ways to get you to understand math. If you use him as a tutor no doubt you will see improvement in your knowledge of math. If you use him as a tutor you won’t regret it.

  13. Dane is an amazing tutor who focuses on self development as well as ensuring you complete your assignment with an above average grade. I took a Masters degree finance course and I’m not the best at math but he helped instill self confidence and was extremely patient, a trait I found to be extraordinary. It is refreshing to work with a professional whose goal is to see you succeed not only in the class but in life. I finished my class with a grade of 93.5.

  14. Dane is truly amazing. He assisted my son in physics. He is more than his bio. This teacher adapted to my son’s learning style and built his confidence up. My son was getting D’s on his tests and with Dane’s help started getting A’s. But it is more than a grade, my son came from this experience a renewed student. I was a little worried about skyping and not having a physical teacher here. Would this effect my son’s learning? And I can tell you, NOT AT ALL. Dane is truly blessed with a gift for teaching. We will be returning to Dane if need be in the future. I am always passing out his name, I think he is an awesome teacher. What he did for Marcus is beyond words. His physics teacher paid him a huge compliment at the end of the year that boosted his confidence. Dane’s impact goes beyond the classroom, skypeing, and passing the class…we’re blessed to have found him! Thank you Dane. Sharon Miranda (Marcus’s Mom)

  15. I received help from Dane for about 9 or 10 months on SAT prep, AP calculus AB, and Physics 1. In all honesty, I probably could’ve managed through all of these using text books and after school tutoring to get the grades I needed. However, working with Dane didn’t just make it easier for me to get my work done but more importantly it helped me with understanding how to get the answers. He never gives you a freebie, you have to work for the answers and actually understand what he’s doing in order for him to help you. And it’s for that reason that I would recommend Dane as a tutor.

  16. Dane truly loves what he does. He has patience and persistence and will work to help you understand the material. He’s professional and easy to talk to. He has tutored my son for nearly a year in physics and calculus and has helped him to keep good grades in both classes. I would highly recommend Dane for anyone. Thank you Dane. Keri Cook

  17. Dane is an exceptional tutor! He is very patient with you and works to make sure you understand the material. He is very easy to talk to and since using him, I have grasped the material in my class on a higher level. I would highly recommend Dane to anyone.
    Thank you Dane!
    Caleb Lowry

  18. Dane helped me prepare for my ACT and he has done a tremendous job! He helped me understand what the ACT is looking for students to show that they know, which has helped greatly in choosing which answer applies best to any question. He is patient, knowledgeable, and really knows how to teach in a way that helps students remember information that can easily go in one ear and out the other.

    Thanks Dane!
    Danny Suhadolnik

  19. Anyone in need of a tutor, Dane is definitely the right guy for you! He has helped me with my reading skills, and because of that my English grade has sky-rocketed. Also, Dane’s tips and tricks for the ACT are very helpful.

  20. You’re selling yourself short if you pass up Dane’s help. Not only is he patient, but he also takes his time in showing you how to work through problems. He is super easy to talk to and has a voice that is super calming. Dane, thank you for being so flexible and really helping me out. I owe you one!

  21. I was in major need of help for a very short notice tutorial session for my HESI math exam. I’m literally the most slowest learner maybe from the mental wall that was built up over the years of horrible math school education perhaps or just my general lack of excitement over math. Anyways I met with Dane after failing my math portion for my RN HESI entrance test, he was very easy to understand and explained it just right so that I fully could understand what to do. I totally recommend him in fact my counselor was so impressed over my 75% improvement on my math score she asked for his info to pass onto other fellow students who also need assistance in math. Thank you Dane I will be seeing you when I start my math in dosages and for my state board exam!!!!!

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